• John Gray Custom Knife, Small Thuck PERVERSION Simitar shaped Titanium and CTS-XHP Steel

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    THIS ITEM IS SOLD AND CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK The John Gray Custom Hand Made "THUCK PERVERSION" is one of the coolest knives at the USN 6 Gathering . This is the Small version - With over all length of approximately 8 1/4" it is still a big flipper but relatively light and nimble in the hand. With a Hint of PERSION influence it is Razor sharp with a very sexy Convex Ground Tip and fore front and Chisel Ground Middle and rear. DEADLY WICKED and lightening fast. The CTS-XHP steel is of superior quality and in the hands of this master knife maker it is unique and a one of a kind collectible. Beautifully textured and anodized Titanium slabs and Titanium Hand made Pivot round out the absolutely incredible knife. The Acid Etched Blade adds to the stealthy nature of this bad ass knife - hand Made Titanium Clip is Very nice .  THE THUCK PERVERSION BY JOHN GRAY KNIVES THESE WILL GROW IN VALUE AS PEOPLE GET TO KNOW HIS WOOK!