How Sharp Citi was built

After thirty years in customer service and sales in the Hot Tub Business and with a life long love of knives and hand tools, I started listing a few of my knives for sale. One thing led to another and as my interest grew I started to develop a sense of my personal knife style. My preferred style of knife is tactical and the more rugged and resilient the better. As I began attending knife shows I met some of my favorite Knife makers, Mick and Marisa Strider, Josh Lee, Duane Dwyer, Rick Hinderer , The nice folks at Crusader Forge Kathy and Maciej, The Medford's Greg and Amy at Medford Knife, Eugene at Olamic Cutlery. Darrel Ralph and many others.

I appreciate the hard work and dedication to style that all of these makers infuse into their work. As I learned more about the materials and the styles I began to add inventory and my business grew. The one thing I always remember is that each and every customer is the MOST important factor in the success of this business. I will always treat you with respect and as family. I appreciate the opportunity to present these fine products to you and will always make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase. Yu have my word on it.

Thank You ,