• DireWare Tailwhip V2 Flipper G10 Rainbow / Satin Finish S110V Steel

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    RARE and incredibly overbuilt all DireWare knifes exceed your expectations and this is no exception.

    DireWare Custom Knives are absolutely extraordinary. They are totally overbuilt like Medford Knives yet they flip and have the action of a Brous Blade. It's something you really have to have in your hand to appreciate the heft, stout lockup, smooth action and easy to disengage frame lock. These knives are built to be used in the most demanding environments but the rarity of DireWare Knives makes this almost a safe queen for us all.

    The Tailwhip V2 is the most straightforward knife thus far from DireWare, perfect for everyday carry. It's slender, ergonomic, tactical, and best of all... practical. Many DireWare designs are wide and overbuilt, while the Tailwhip V2 is just overbuilt.  If you want a tactical knife you can bet your life on or an overbuilt everyday carry, look no further than the Tailwhip V2 from DireWare.

    Note: pouch not included.

    It is your responsibility to ensure these knives are legal in your county, state, or otherwise and that you are 18 years of age or older.