• MSC Mick Strider Custom SnG pro series 204P All Ti Hardware by Mick Strider NEW


    SOLD This Product is out of stock at this time This is a Very Special MICK STRIDER CUSTOM pro series SnG Made with super steel 204P and all Titanium Hardware. Pistol Grip Titanium on the Scales and distinctive MSTRIDER Lazer etched on the Choil of the 204 P Blade. Coated with special Chromium Nitrate coating which increases Hardness, aids in Low Light reflectivity and increases Cutting Lubrosity.

    This is a More elite version than the version with CTS XHP steel and the

    204 P will out perform and hold an edge longer than the CTS-XHP steel.

    It is Duane Dwyer's steel of choice and is becoming the leader in Futuristic Super Steel for custom makers. Mick has fine tuned this piece to a perfect work of art and Tactical Hardware. There are only a few of these out so Get this exclusive combination NOW before they are no longer available -